Derived from our innovative PowerBomb™ technology, the MegaBomb™ represents the natural evolution of our philosophy on performance – improve on it, make it better. What started as a PowerBomb™ just kept growing. Simply put, the bigger we made it, the better it worked. The engineering wasn’t that simple, we had to fine tune the internal characteristics and there was an upper limit to what was feasible for performance as well as function, but through arduous testing, here you have it! The very same header you’ve seen on the Factory KTM and Yamaha of Troy bikes as well as Team Suzuki Off-Road and that of Ryan Hughes. This is not ‘Un-obtainium’. The MegaBomb™ ships right out of our warehouse to you just as it would to any race team or magazine.

What makes a MegaBomb™ so different? There are two key aspects. First, the more exhaust gases that are extracted, the better. Like the difference between a garden hose and a fire hose – except, too much is not good. The calculated size of the MegaBomb™ chamber, with the precise location and size of internal ducts, makes for increased volume. The second aspect is the performance difference between a short header, better over-rev, and a long header, better low-end torque. With the MegaBomb™, you get the best of both. The added volume acts like a long header and the length has not been increased.

Here’s the bottom line. You want better performance. You can pay an engine builder thousands to make more power or bolt on a MegaBomb™ for more useable power from the stock motor as well as a 3-5hp boost! Take your pick. As an added benefit, you will also have a lower sound output by up to 1.5dB.

For three hundred and fifty bucks, the answer is obvious. Choose FMF and FEEL THE POWER!