The FMF Rev pipe has been computer designed and track tested to provide substantial mid to top end power gains without drastically altering the lower rpm power delivery. This specialized pipe performs best on fast tracks for advanced riders who require more mid range and a higher RPM charge. A harder mid-range hit will get you up and over even the largest obstacles and the added over-rev will stretch out each gear longer for you. Using stamped 19-gauge U.S. steel provides strength in a light weight package. The FMF Rev pipe is a must have for mini and 125 riders that thrive on improved peak performance output. If you are a WOT rider, the Rev pipe was built for you.

The FMF Rev pipe focuses its power delivery in the middle and upper rpms of the powerband. If you’re running out of power up top, want more time between shifts and do a lot of deep berm or sand riding, the FMF Rev is your pipe of choice.

# FMF Racing's Tru-Flo stamping process ensures a perfect fit and optimum performance.
# Incredibly durable nickel plating.
# Dyno and track tested for every application.