The FMF Fatty pipe is hands down the most copied performance exhaust pipe in the world. As with all of our pipes, the Fatty is computer designed and dyno tested giving each bike model individual power gains. Our Tru-Flo stamping process ensures quality fitment, uninterrupted flow and optimal performance. Fabricated from sturdy 19-gauge U.S. steel, the Fatty is known for its broad power gains from low to top rpms. Nickel plating provides a durable easy cleaning finish. The FMF Fatty pipe is our number one seller due to the excellent versatility it provides to racers and riders of all skill levels. When youíre happy with the stock powerband and would like more power everywhere, bolt on a Fatty and really begin to see what more power can do for you. You canít go wrong with this one!

Our Fatty Gold Series pipe broadens the powerband and provides a healthy power increase everywhere. Improved throttle response, a linear powerband and enhanced over-rev all add up to a pipe that everyone will benefit from. The Fatty pipe is our most popular pipe for that same reason. If youíre riding trails, tracks or in the open desert, this pipe has what youíre looking for.