The objective - build a durable and reliable mechanical muffler to withstand the harshest conditions an ATV could travel. FMF delivers with the PowerLine. Constructed from 100% U.S. stainless steel, the PowerLine is durable. Reliability is no question either with the complete mechanical design. That means no packing none. The PowerLine houses a series of precise baffles and chambers to lower sound and perform better than stock. As an added benefit, the PowerLine is considerably lighter than any stock utility exhaust and has a Forestry approved spark arrestor.

For a performance utility ATV muffler made for mud, snow or water crossings, look no further than the PowerLine and FEEL THE POWER!

The Powerline utility exhaust gives your ATV more useable power throughout the powerband while keeping the sound level down in a muffler that requires no maintenance and in most cases is considerably lighter than stock.